Architectural flush wood doors

Nowadays, a modern functional look is becoming fashionable, purpose-made flush doors are widely accepted and available. Because of the affordability, versatility, and contemporary appearance, we take it as the important one of our product series. Various veneer options and decoration choices such as groove carving and metal strip inlay give flush doors more design availability to match all architectural design concepts.

Engraved, Painted Doors.

NAJJAR is upgraded to a commercial-quality standard with affordability and versatility. Taking high-density different boards as the substrate ensures the best paint surface effect and provides various familiar design options with deep relief or simple, pleasant lines. Paints are professionally factory applied to ensure the highest quality color, sheen, tint, and tone.

Natural veneer doors.

NAJJAR veneer doors provide a stylish wood appearance. Our hardwood edge-lipping design provides impressive durability and seamless beauty to a modern veneer flush door.
A wide selection of natural veneers and reconstituted veneer matching options make every door unique and perfect for your project.

Natural veneer doors

Laminated doors

If you are looking for beauty, durability, and value, Decorative Laminate (HPL-CPL-PVC-Milamine) doors are the one. NAJJAR innovates adjustable jambs and casings with super flexible laminate wrapping, which is compatible with door designs in colors and styles.